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The RoyaLand Project

The RoyaLand:
Regal Inspiration

The RoyaLand is a holding company focused on creating an online and offline immersive, futuristic, fantasy-based royalty-themed experience, powered by AI, primarily centered around a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, called The RoyaLand.

In addition to the game itself, an additional independent platform – MyRoyal.World – accessible via app and browser will be developed. This platform will serve as a bridge between the gaming experiences and all related initiatives, both online and offline, such as live events, thematic deep dives into royal families, community forums, and merchandising.

The game is currently in development in collaboration with The RoyaLand founder, the Monaco-based grandson of the last King of Italy, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and with the support of and affiliation of 7 other royal families and families with legal, hereditary, or historically based claims to royal positions in Russia, Albania, France, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Lesotho, and Mecklenburg. 

Royal Dynasties involved in The RoyaLand

Royal House of Italy

HRH Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia
Prince of Piedmont and Venice

Imperial House of Romanoff

HIH Grand Duke George of Russia

Royal House of Albania

HRH Prince Leka II Zogu

Royal House of France

H.R.H. Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Anjou

Royal House of Bulgaria

H.R.H. Konstantin-Assen, Prince of Vidin, Duke of Saxony

Royal House of Yugoslavia

HRH Prince Dimitri Karageorgevitch

The Royal House of Lesotho

HRH Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso

The House of Mecklenburg

H.H. Duke Carl Michael Borwin of Mecklenburg, Prince of Wenden, Schwerin and Ratzeburg
nature of the royaland

What makes the RoyaLand Unique

Uniqueness of the project

Today more than ever, royal families have captivated public imagination, evident in literature and TV shows. The RoyaLand engages with this allure, allowing players to interact with royal families in an innovative, playful manner, fostering an active, collaborative experience rather than a passive one.

The RoyaLand is more than entertainment. Its blend of fun, education, and cultural insights marks a significant advancement in how games can influence and deepen our understanding of historical and contemporary narratives. Players not only enjoy the game but also enrich their knowledge of a pivotal aspect of our collective history.

Solarpunk Style

For the design of the game, we decided to take inspiration from the solarpunk style, an optimistic and revolutionary vision of the future where nature and technology coexist in harmony. The RoyaLand will be a lush, vibrant world teeming with life. Buildings will be draped in greenery, integrating seamlessly with the environment. There will be no smokestacks here; instead, energy will be harnessed from the sun, the wind, and the tides. Cities will be built not to dominate the landscape, but to complement it.


A new connected Royal World

Entertainment never conceived before


Be a Royal

in the RoyaLand

Royalty-based products and experiences

Artificial Intelligence

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a game-changer, offering uniquely dynamic and personalized experiences to each player. This cutting-edge approach is why we’ve handpicked Milan’s Neosperience S.p.A. to bring The RoyaLand to life, leveraging their expertise in AI-driven digital customer experiences and gamification.

Neosperience S.p.A. is set to infuse The RoyaLand with AI-powered innovation. They plan to harness AI models for crafting complex and unique game environments and dynamically creating characters that resonate with emotional depth.

AI for the game industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting the video game industry, valued at over $300 billion, and is used for making smarter NPCs, creating more realistic gaming experiences and generating game content.


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