A Prince in the Realm of Video Games: my personal relationship with the video games world

My story with video games is much more than a simple passion; it’s a journey that has influenced my life and the way I see the world.

Since I was a young boy, video games began to ignite my curiosity. I fondly remember my first Game Boy, which I still have somewhere in the house. I was already quite grown up when it arrived in Europe, and I remember my parents weren’t too happy about me spending my evenings at home in that way. But playing Super Mario was a joy.

How I rediscovered video games

Over the years, my passion has evolved. After a period when I had stopped playing, in the last decade the old passion returned. If I remember correctly, the first game I played after a long time was The Witcher 3, which I immediately bought upon its release in 2015. I also had to buy a new PC for the occasion. It is definitely still one of my favorite games today.

Another game that stole a lot of my time and energy is Crusader Kings 3: playing as Savoy, being a Savoy myself, was not trivial! I had a lot of fun playing as if I were one of my ancestors.

However, a significant turning point in my gaming experience occurred during the lockdown for Covid-19. Before, I only played single player games, partly because I was afraid someone would find out, partly out of embarrassment: I am 50 years old after all!

During that long year, I discovered Among Us, a game I always played with my daughters, and it allowed me to stay in touch with friends and relatives during a period of isolation and social distancing. The game, with its simplicity and focus on social interaction, quickly became a favorite of ours.

Playing Among Us with my daughters was not just a way to pass the time; it was an opportunity to laugh together and stay connected.

Where the idea for The RoyaLand came from

This experience made me reflect on how video games can go beyond mere entertainment; they can be tools for learning, means to bring people together, and windows to new ways of seeing the world. This reflection was the basis of my vision for The RoyaLand.

I wanted to create a game that was not just a virtual adventure, but also an experience that brings people together. I imagined a world where the pleasure of growing one’s ‘nobility’ in Crusader Kings meets the engaging narrative of The Witcher and the social and collaborative element of Among Us.

The RoyaLand is the result of this vision: a game that blends fun, learning, and discovery, an experience that I hope can inspire and unite people, just as video games have done for me and my family.

In conclusion, my story with video games is much more than a simple passion; it’s a journey that has influenced my life and the way I see the world. With The RoyaLand, I hope to share this magic with others, offering them a unique experience that goes beyond mere play.

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