An overview of the clothing style of the male characters of the reign of Emanuele Filiberto

The unique style that each different type of character will represent within the game.

In this article we will describe some styles of clothing that we have developed to describe some types of characters.
In particular, we will see how the style of the characters changes according to the social role and the player’s choices when creating the character.

The adventurer

Behind the scenes of the digital human Emanuele Filiberto

This type of character will have mostly military clothing: highly technological armor but, at the same time, enriched by natural elements that can be found in accessories such as cloaks, gloves, jackets, etc.

The marginalized

This type of character, characterized by poorer and simpler clothing, will inhabit the suburbs of the cities of the game kingdoms. The clothing is civil and characterized by natural, lightly processed fabrics. The technological element will not fail to appear in accessories such as glasses, gloves, etc.

The Knight

This image shows a knight of the kingdom, dressed in the clothes that represent his family, however of humble origin. The knights are characterized by a dress of representation that they hardly give up. Here too, the naturalness of the materials is predominant.  

The Noble

The nobles of the highest rank will be characterized by military-type clothes, rich, majestic and highly technological. Clothing that instills fear and respect, and offers significant power-ups in battle. 

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