An in-depth look at the game maps: the Kingdoms

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the artistic design of The RoyaLand’s game realms, giving you a sneak peek into how player experiences will unfold within them.

We are developing The RoyaLand so that each Realm is a totally unique game map, open and with its own environmental characteristics. Our goal is to design and develop game environments with immersive and detailed graphics, providing players with an engaging visual experience. The solarpunk style we are inspired by allows us to bring to life a world never seen before.

The initial eight Realms, corresponding to the eight royal families participating in the project, will be divided into different areas, all explorable by the user: players will be able to discover them both in single player and in certain multiplayer activities. Each Realm will visually blend with the predominant architectural style of the real country of origin of the respective royal family. For example, the realm under the control of the d’Orléans family will have a style that combines and fuses French Gothic with Art Nouveau.

The Agorà

In each Realm, next to the Royal Palace, there will be the Agora, a gaming arena dedicated to competitive and cooperative online activities. The Agora will be the center of social activities in The RoyaLand.

Light and Darkness, Past and Future

Each environment in The RoyaLand is characterized by a visual style that emphasizes the tone and context of the area: some exude opulence and prestige, while others retain traces of a bygone industrial era, characterized by machinery and metal, where reclamation is still in progress.

In Conclusion

The graphic style of The RoyaLand thus combines fantastic elements with a touch of realism, creating a rich and vivid world that completely immerses players in the game world, making it an unforgettable adventure for RPG enthusiasts.

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