A quick look at single player and multiplayer activities in The RoyaLand

Read this article and discover the differences between single player and multiplayer activities in the RoyaLand.

As we have shared in our earlier articles, The RoyaLand will allow users to engage with the game world with great freedom. In addition to different approaches to gameplay itself, in The RoyaLand players can choose to dedicate themselves to the main single-player campaign or focus on multiplayer activities, challenging other players in competitive or collaborative tasks, which will take place on dedicated game maps.

Single Player

The main campaign will lead the player to unveil the mystery behind the world of The RoyaLand itself, uncovering a conspiracy aimed at destroying the peace and harmony that the royal families have painstakingly established.

Between dynamic combat and puzzle-solving, the player will move through the game’s kingdoms and beyond, gaining abilities and climbing the game’s noble hierarchies, coming into direct contact with members of the royal families.

A series of side missions will allow players to delve into individual aspects of the game world. These will also provide experience points and rewards to enhance their character.


Multiplayer activities, on the other hand, can be activated within the Agorae. The backdrop for these activities will be the so-called Feast of Unity: an event that takes place every 50 years in the world of The RoyaLand to celebrate the achieved peace.

Initially, players can decide which kingdom to play for: together with other players of the same team or individually, they will face different challenges in each match, starting from the classic ‘capture the flag’, offering particularly complex and thoughtful gameplay modes.

By participating in and winning challenges with their team or individually, players will earn experience points and rise in the noble hierarchies. A dynamic leaderboard will show the champions of the individual kingdoms: great honors will be paid to the best players!

In Conclusion

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