The concept behind The RoyaLand and why someone will decide to play it

Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, CEO of The RoyaLand project, tells us about the type of player The RoyaLand wants to involve, the themes behind the game and the future of the involvement of royal families.

Read the interview and learn about the history and passions that drive The RoyaLand.

Interviewer: Hi, Emanuele. We’ve arrived at the third and final chapter of our interview together. Let’s dive right in. Firstly, in your perspective, which type of gamer will be drawn to play The RoyaLand?


Emanuele: I genuinely believe that The RoyaLand will appeal to a vast audience. It’s not just a Royale game, nor merely a battle or conquest game. It’s not solely about love or strategy. It encompasses all these elements and more, making it multifaceted. The integration of artificial intelligence adds another layer of complexity. Players will engage in diverse activities, from taking over lands, constructing futuristic panels for electricity, to strategizing on selling electricity for weapons. It’s designed to cater to both the younger generation and those who appreciate the nuances of royalty.


Interviewer: Could you give us a glimpse into the aesthetics of The RoyaLand? What ambiance and themes will dominate the game?


Emanuele: The RoyaLand promises an extraordinary visual experience. From the previews I’ve seen, it’s breathtakingly futuristic, blending innovation with a touch of reality. It’s not just about the visuals; it’s about educating players on our potential future. While there’s a strong emphasis on sustainability and the green ecosystem, players will also traverse forests, mountains, and meet unique characters like the “Solar Park.” But to truly immerse oneself, one must play the game.


Interviewer: Earlier in our second chapter, we touched upon the royal families. Could you specify which eight royal families will be featured in the game’s initial launch?


Emanuele: Certainly. The game will feature eight authentic royal families, offering players a rare glimpse into their private and enigmatic worlds. These include the royal Italian family, with myself at the helm, the imperial Romanoff family of Russia, the royal families of Albania, France, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, the Mecklenburg family from Germany, and the reigning royal family of Lesotho in Africa.


Interviewer: Do you foresee more royal families joining The RoyaLand in the foreseeable future?


Emanuele: Absolutely. While we’re launching with these eight families, I’ve been in discussions with several other royal households. Though I can’t reveal their identities just yet, my vision for The RoyaLand is to eventually incorporate a significant portion of the world’s royal families.


Interviewer: Thank you for your time, Emanuele. As we conclude, I have one paramount question: What is the core purpose behind The RoyaLand?


Emanuele: The RoyaLand is more than just a game; it’s a bridge. Over the years, we’ve observed a disconnect among people. This platform aims to rekindle connections, not just among players, but also with the royal families they’ve only read about. It’s an invitation into a secretive world, combined with the opportunity to shape a sustainable, greener environment. I envision The RoyaLand serving as an inspiration, prompting many to consider building a brighter, more sustainable future.

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