How the idea of The RoyaLand was born and how the project evolved in this first phase

Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, CEO of The RoyaLand project, tells us about the birth of the project, how the other royal families were involved and the concept of royalty within the game.

Read the interview and learn about the history and passions that drive The RoyaLand.

Interviewer: Welcome back, Emanuele. Are you prepared to divulge more about The RoyaLand? Let’s dive in. Could you elucidate how the concept of crafting a game universe as distinctive as The RoyaLand originated?


Emanuele Filiberto: The inception of The RoyaLand occurred around two or three years ago. While immersed in various games, I aspired to construct a realm where individuals could transcend mere gameplay and integrate into a more tangible reality.

I amalgamated my royal lineage and the immense popularity and impact of Netflix series like The Crown and Downton Abbey, series that unveil the clandestine lives of royals, to create a game intertwining fantasy and reality, where players are not mere spectators but active participants in the royal world, interacting with actual royalty. I believe it’s a revolutionary concept.


Interviewer: Intriguing! How did you manage to incorporate other royal families into this venture? Was it a challenging endeavor, or were they instantly captivated by this innovative idea?


Emanuele Filiberto: Surprisingly, integrating other royal families was a seamless process. They were enamored by the narrative and the game’s concept. The prospect of connecting with newer generations and conveying their values, histories, and lives through the game was particularly appealing to them.

Players will not only interact with avatars but with the actual heirs to the thrones of various countries, gaining profound insights into their lives and values. This unique interaction with millions of diverse individuals was a compelling factor for their immediate agreement to participate.


Interviewer: Fascinating! Could you elaborate on the significance of the term ‘royalty’ within The RoyaLand?


Emanuele Filiberto: In The RoyaLand, ‘royalty’ transcends lineage; it epitomizes values. We aim to democratize royalty, allowing every player the opportunity to ascend the ranks of nobility, from being knighted to potentially becoming the king or queen of RoyaLand. It’s a realm where real princes coexist with those who earn their titles, emphasizing heritage, perseverance, value, and family as the core pillars.

Interviewer: As we approach the conclusion of this segment, could you shed light on the role of technology, specifically artificial intelligence, in The RoyaLand and how it distinguishes the game?

Emanuele Filiberto: I’m elated to share that we are pioneers in integrating artificial intelligence in gaming, bestowing unprecedented autonomy upon our characters. This unpredictability and innovation are what set us apart, creating a realm where virtual entities exhibit human-like behaviors, leading to unforeseen interactions and experiences within The RoyaLand.

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