What will the weapons be like in The RoyaLand? Some suggestions for you

In this article we will show you some of the weapon designs developed by our creative team

In the stylistic evolution of the weapons present in the game The RoyaLand we had to start from a question: what is the use of weapons in a world that boasts of having found a balance between nature and technology, in which each Kingdom is at peace and in which equality and prosperity grow?

A question with an easy answer: the Kingdoms have not always been at peace, and they are not even now. Injustices and dangers survive in the new and peaceful society in the form of outcasts and rioters, who do not accept the path that politics and society as a whole have taken.

Behind the facade of tranquility, each Kingdom must face new and threatening threats, as the Feast of Unity approaches.

Although life is precious and inviolable in this new world, if necessary every agent of the Kingdom can use violence to maintain the status quo achieved.

Building upon this foundation, this article will showcase some of the initial weapon designs crafted by our creative team, categorized by weapon types.

Let’s get started!


Ranged Guns

Behind the scenes of the digital human Emanuele Filiberto

There will be different types of ranged guns in The RoyaLand: most will work with energy, that is, they’ll shoot energy waves and laser beams to wound, stun and eliminate enemies. The range of action will be very varied, as well as the damage they’ll allow to inflict.


Energy Crossbows

In The RoyaLand you’ll be able to also use energy crossbows: heavy weapons, which can deal great damage to many enemies together.



Sidearms become very useful in hand-to-hand combat, capable of inflicting great damage on enemies over short distances.

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